Term:absolute pressure
Definition:atmospheric pressure added to gauge pressure
Related Terms:gauge pressure, pressure
Definition:closeness to target
Definition:substances which alter the qualities of water when mixed with water
Related Terms:density, glycerin, viscosity
Term:air compressor
Definition:a device which creates pressurized air
Related Terms:pump
Term:air pressure homemade (APH)
Definition:a homemade water gun powered by air pressure
Related Terms:homemade water gun
Term:air pressure piston homemade
Definition:a homemade water gun powered by air pressure with a piston dividing the water and the air
Synonyms:air pressure piston
Term:air shot
Definition:the act of firing a gun with no water in the chamber
Related Terms:mist shot
Term:air tools
Definition:compressor fittings usually used in automobile repair
Definition:a surprise attack
Related Terms:attack, charge, manuever
Term:angled range
Definition:a water gun's range at a 45 degree firing angle
Related Terms:firing angle, level range, range
Definition:the hole from which water leaves a nozzle
Related Terms:nozzle
Definition:the 2007 Super Soaker line
Definition:the size of a surface
Definition:a player's collection of water guns
Definition:a forceful assault
Definition:obtainability of a stock gun in stores
Term:average output
Definition:the average rate of flow out of the nozzle
Related Terms:burst output, instantaneous output, output
Term:backpack reservoir
Definition:a backpack containing water for a water gun
Definition:a water gun used after a primary one
Synonyms:secondary, sidearm
Related Terms:primary
Term:ball valve
Definition:a valve in which a ball with a cylindrical hole is rotated to allow flow
Related Terms:laminar flow, linear flow, Max-D valve, valve
Term:balloon PC
Definition:a modification using a balloon in an air pressure gun's pressure chamber to allow the gun to be shot at any angle
Related Terms:firing angle, modification
Definition:a tube used to control the expansion of gases propelling a projectile
Related Terms:optimal barrel length
Definition:refilling and home area
Related Terms:refill station
Definition:the location of a water fight
Term:bicycle pump
Definition:a pump used to inflate bicycle tires
Synonyms:bike pump
Related Terms:pump, schrader valve
Definition:a person who constructs homemade water guns
Related Terms:homemade water gun
Definition:a defensive base which protects the inhabitants
Related Terms:base, defense
Definition:a short shot of water
Term:burst output
Definition:the amount of water that leaves a water gun's nozzle during the first second of a shot
Related Terms:average output, instantaneous output, output
Term:Buzz Bee Toys (BB or BBT)
Definition:a new company competing with Hasbro in the water gun market
Related Terms:manufacturer
Definition:concealing clothing
Related Terms:painted gun
Term:cellular-core pipe
Definition:PVC pipe with air bubbles in it to decrease the pipe's weight
Related Terms:pressure rating, PVC pipe, schedule
Term:chamber capacity
Definition:the maximum amount of water allowed in the pressure chamber before pumping becomes difficult or the relief valve operates
Related Terms:volume
Term:chamber volume
Definition:the total volume of the pressure chamber
Related Terms:volume
Definition:a sudden attack
Related Terms:ambush>, attack, manuever
Term:check valve
Definition:a valve which only allows flow in one direction
Synonyms:one-way valve
Related Terms:spring check valve, swing check valve, valve
Term:Classic Series (CS)
Definition:the original series of Super Soakers by Larami
Definition:a modification which increases the thickness of a cylindrical CPS bladder to increase poewr
Related Terms:cylindrical CPS, K-mod, latex rubber tubing, modification
Definition:the leader of a group of soldiers
Related Terms:soldier, water fight
Term:compression spring
Definition:a spring which compresses
Related Terms:expansion spring, spring
Definition:the act of hiding
Definition:a general idea or notion
Term:conical nozzle
Definition:a nozzle which gradually decreases its inner diameter to the size of the aperture to maximize laminar flow
Term:constant air pressure (CAP)
Definition:an system which keeps air pressure constant
Term:constant pressure homemade (CPH)
Definition:a homemade water gun which an elastic bladder to power the gun
Related Terms:constant pressure system
Term:constant pressure system (CPS)
Definition:use of an elastic rubber bladder containing the water to power a water gun
Synonyms:elastic pressure
Related Terms:cylindrical CPS, diaphram CPS, latex rubber tubing, rubber bladder
Term:Constant Pressure System series (CPS)
Definition:the most powerful line of Super Soakers released by Larami and Hasbro
Definition:the act of building a water gun
Definition:the act of working in unison
Definition:a pipe segment which connects to other pipes together linearly
Definition:protection from fired water
Related Terms:shield
Definition:a piece of piping which connects 4 pipes perpendicularly
Term:cylindrical CPS
Definition:use of a cylindrical rubber bladder to contain and pressurize water
Related Terms:constant pressure system, latex rubber tubing, spherical CPS
Definition:a move that resists attack
Definition:the mass per unit volume
Related Terms:mass, volume
Definition:the release of troops
Definition:a plan to build something
Definition:the width of a circular object
Related Terms:inner diameter, outer diameter, radius
Term:diaphram CPS
Definition:use of a rubber diaphram to power a water gun
Related Terms:Hydro-Power
Definition:the length, width, and heigth of a water gun
Definition:a measure of how far objects are apart
Definition:a force which resists the movement of solids and fluids through fluids
Term:drainage pipe
Definition:PVC pipe which is very thin and can take no pressure
Related Terms:pressure rating, PVC pipe, schedule
Definition:reduction in output
Term:effective range
Definition:the range at which water collects into a puddle
Related Terms:range, sniping
Definition:percentage of energy in a system that is used
Related Terms:performance
Term:Electronically Enhanced Soaking (EES)
Definition:2002 line of Super Soakers from Hasbro with LED lights and electronics
Definition:the removal of players from a water fight after they have been hit
Term:end cap
Definition:a piece of pipe that seals the end of another
Definition:fight between opposing forces
Term:engine-powered water gun
Definition:a water gun powered by an engine or industrial water pump
Definition:usability by humans
Term:expansion spring
Definition:a spring which expands
Related Terms:compression spring, spring
Term:fan blast
Definition:a wide nozzle in one dimension
Term:fighting style
Definition:the manner in which a player fights
Term:fill gauge
Definition:a gauge which expresses the fullness of a pressure chamber
Definition:the capabilities of a water gun
Related Terms:versatility
Term:firing angle
Definition:the angle at which a water gun is fired
Synonyms:angle of attack, shot angle
Related Terms:angled range, level range, range
Term:firing valve
Definition:the valve which controls the flow of water to the nozzle
Synonyms:trigger valve
Related Terms:ball valve, homemade valve, pinch valve, pull valve, solenoid sprinkler valve, trigger, trigger system, valve
Definition:a side of a battle line
Related Terms:maneuver
Definition:action which causes mass to accelerate
Related Terms:mass, pressure, weight
Definition:a force which resists movement on a surface
Related Terms:drag
Term:front line
Definition:the first line of offense
Definition:a manuever to gain an advantage
Related Terms:manuever
Term:gauge pressure
Definition:the difference between absolute pressure and atmospheric pressure; the pressure on a pressure gauge
Definition:chemical used to increase range in water guns
Synonyms:glycerine, glycerol
Related Terms:additives, viscosity
Definition:place where the firing hand interfaces with the gun to pull the trigger
Definition:a person who protects a base or area
Definition:an interface to carry and move a water gun
Definition:dedicated and committed to the sport of water gunning
Definition:large toy company that acquired Larami
Related Terms:manufacturer
Definition:a belt clip which holds a small water gun
Term:homemade valve
Definition:a valve made by a builder
Related Terms:valve
Term:homemade water gun
Definition:a water gun build in a shop or a home
Related Terms:air pressure homemade, air pressure piston homemade, constant pressure homemade, engine-powered water gun, piston pressure homemade, precharger homemade, water gun
Definition:long tube that provides water for gardening and othe outdoor activities
Term:hose handle
Definition:a nozzle that allows a stream to be shot from a hose
Synonyms:hose handle nozzle
Term:hydraulic fluid
Definition:an incompressible fluid used in a hydraulic system
Related Terms:hydraulics
Definition:the science of incompressible fluids (liquids)
Related Terms:pneumatics
Definition:term used by Buzz Bee Toys to describe diaphram CPS
Related Terms:diaphram CPS
Term:inner diameter (ID)
Definition:the diameter from one side inside a pipe to another side inside the pipe
Term:input valve
Definition:the valve in which pressurized air is inserted
Related Terms:air compressor, air tools, schrader_valve
Term:instantaneous output
Definition:the output at a precise instance
Related Terms:average output, burst output, output
Term:internal diameter
Definition:the smallest diameter from the pressure chamber to the firing valve
Definition:the working parts within a gun
Definition:a piece of pipe which creates a bend
Related Terms:turbulence
Definition:a modification which increases the thickness of a spherical CPS bladder to increase poewr
Related Terms:colossus, modification, spherical CPS
Term:laminar flow
Definition:smooth flow with little or no disruption
Related Terms:linear flow, turbulence
Definition:the company that released the Super Soaker line of water guns
Term:latex rubber tubing (LRT)
Definition:tubing used to create cylindrical CPS systems in homemades
Synonyms:surgical tubing
Related Terms:rubber bladder, tubing
Definition:a device which shoots a solid projectile
Synonyms:air cannon, air gun, air pressure object launcher, pneumatic launcher, spud gun, water balloon launcher
Related Terms:barrel, water balloon
Term:level range
Definition:a water gun's range when shot without an angle, parallel to the ground.
Related Terms:angled range, firing angle, range
Term:linear design
Definition:a concept which allows straight flow from the pressure chamber, through the valve, and to the nozzle to maximize laminar flow
Related Terms:laminar flow, linear flow, turbulence
Term:linear flow
Definition:straight flow from the pressure chamber to the nozzle
Related Terms:laminar flow, turbulence
Term:linear guidance walls
Definition:straws which create many smaller streams to decrease the internal diameter while maintaining flow to increase laminar flow
Related Terms:laminar flow
Definition:movement during battle
Related Terms:flank
Definition:a company which makes water guns
Related Terms:Buzz Bee Toys, Larami, Hasbro, Storm
Definition:the version of a certain water gun
Definition:quantity of substance in an object
Related Terms:density, weight
Term:Max-D valve
Definition:a ball-valve used in a stock stocker
Related Terms:valve
Term:Max-Infusion (MI)
Definition:Hasbro's 2006 Super Soaker line featuring backpack reservoirs
Term:Maximum Distance (Max-D)
Definition:Hasbro's 2003 Super Soaker line which was the first to include Max-D valves
Related Terms:Max-D valve
Term:mist shot
Definition:the act of firing a gun with very little water in the chamber, creating a mist
Related Terms:air shot
Definition:the ability to move around
Related Terms:practicality
Definition:a change in a water gun
Related Terms:balloon PC, colossus, K-mod, modified water gun, nozzle drilling, relief valve disabling
Term:modified water gun
Definition:an altered water gun
Synonyms:modded gun
Related Terms:modification, water gun
Definition:a Super Soaker line of massive water guns
Definition:the emotional or mental condition of troops during battle
Term:motorized water gun
Definition:a water gun powered by small electric motors
Synonyms:battery-powered water gun
Term:negative pressure
Definition:a pressure below atmospheric pressure
Related Terms:pressure
Term:New and Improved (NI)
Definition:improved rereleases of the Classic line
Term:non-tracked pump
Definition:a pump that has nothing to discourage vertical movement
Related Terms:pump, tracked pump
Definition:a person with little experience fighting water wars
Definition:device which controls fluid flow as it leaves a system
Related Terms:aperture, conical nozzle, fan blast, output, riot blast, shower blast, stream
Term:nozzle diameter
Definition:the diameter of a nozzle
Synonyms:nozzle size
Related Terms:aperture, diameter, nozzle
Term:nozzle drilling
Definition:enlarging a nozzle
Related Terms:aperture, modificaiton, nozzle
Term:nozzle selector
Definition:a rotary nozzle set attached to a water gun
Related Terms:nozzle
Definition:a rubber ring
Definition:a move that attacks an opponent
Term:one hit kills (1HK or OHK)
Definition:a form of play in which any hit players are removed from play
Term:one hit scores (1HS or OHS)
Definition:a form of play in which points are given for hits on opposing players
Definition:a person on an opposing side
Term:optimal barrel length
Definition:the length of a barrel at which the velocity is maximized
Term:outer diameter (OD)
Definition:the diameter from one side outside a pipe to another side outside the pipe
Definition:the rate at which water leaves a water gun
Synonyms:flow rate, volmetric flow rate, volume flow rate
Related Terms:average output, burst output, drop-off, instantaneous output, nozzle diameter, performance, velocity
Definition:pumping a water gun too many times, causing damage to the water gun
Related Terms:relief valve, relief valve disabling
Definition:how quickly a water war is fought
Term:painted gun
Definition:a gun that has been colored with paint
Related Terms:camouflage
Definition:a document allowing sole rights to sell a product design
Definition:a group of several soldiers
Definition:an exchange of one water gun's pressure chamber for another's
Definition:measurement of a water gun's usefulness
Related Terms:efficiency, ergonomics, output, range, shot time, statistics
Term:pinch valve
Definition:a firing valve which closes by pinching a tube shut
Related Terms:firing valve, valve
Definition:a hollow cylinder
Related Terms:inner diameter, outer diameter, untreaded pipe, PVC pipe, schedule, steel pipe, threaded pipe, tubing
Term:pipe nipple
Definition:a pipe threaded on both ends
Related Terms:PVC pipe, steel pipe, threaded pipe
Definition:a disk that moves in a cylinder
Term:piston pressure homemade (PPH)
Definition:a homemade in which a user manually applies force to a piston to push water out a nozzle
Related Terms:piston, piston pressure homemade
Term:piston pumper
Definition:a water gun in which a user manually applies force to a piston to push water out a nozzle
Synonyms:piston gun, piston pressure, piston water gun, syringe
Related Terms:piston
Definition:a person who participates in a water fight
Synonyms:recruit, soldier, troop, water warrior
Related Terms:commander, water fight
Definition:the science of compressible fluids (gases)
Definition:a location on a battlefield
Definition:work over time
Term:Power Soaker
Definition:a brand of piston pumpers
Definition:increased performace from the aging of a gun
Definition:the usability of a water gun in a battle
Synonyms:battle practicality, usability
Related Terms:ergonomics, trigger
Term:precharger homemade (PCgH)
Definition:an air pressure homemade in which extra air is pumped
Definition:force per unit area; measure of the force at which molecules collide with the walls of a container
Related Terms:absolute pressure, area, force, gauge pressure, pressure gauge
Term:pressure chamber (PC)
Definition:a container which is pressurized in some way to power a water gun
Synonyms:chamber, compression chamber, firing chamber, pressure tank
Term:pressure gauge
Definition:a gauge that measures the pressure inside a system
Related Terms:gauge pressure, pressure
Term:pressure rating
Definition:the maximum pressure that can be used with a piece of pipe
Related Terms:pressure, schedule
Term:pressurized reservoir (PR)
Definition:a water gun which adds air to its reservoir to power itself
Related Terms:reservoir
Definition:a water gun used first
Related Terms:backup
Definition:an early release of a water gun
Term:pull valve
Definition:a valve which pulls back a sealing plate to allow flow
Related Terms:firing valve, valve
Term:pulse shot
Definition:a shot that is pulsed
Related Terms:tap shot
Definition:a device which moves fluids
Related Terms:bicycle pump, non-tracked pump, O-ring, tracked pump, two-stroke pump
Term:pump capacity
Definition:the volume of a fluid moved in each stroke of a pump
Synonyms:pump shaft volume, pump volume
Related Terms:pump
Term:pump handle
Definition:the handle of a pump
Related Terms:handle, pump
Term:pump stroke
Definition:the length of a pump's stroke
Synonyms:pump length
Related Terms:pump
Term:pumps until full
Definition:the number of pumps until a pressure chamber has reached its capacity
Synonyms:pumps to full
Related Terms:pump
Term:PVC cement
Definition:chemicals that bond PVC together
Related Terms:PVC primer, solvent welding
Term:PVC pipe (PVC)
Definition:pipe made from polyvinyl chloride
Related Terms:cellular-core pipe, drainage pipe, pipe, schedule
Term:PVC primer
Definition:chemicals that prepare PVC to be bonded
Related Terms:PVC cement, solvent welding
Term:quick-fill device (QFD)
Definition:a device which rapidly fills a water gun's chamber
Synonyms:fast-fill device, fast-filler, fast filler, filler stand, quick-filler, quick filler
Definition:half of diameter
Related Terms:diameter
Definition:the distance that a water gun shoots
Related Terms:angled range, firing angle, effective range, laminar flow, level range, sniping
Definition:the act of seeking soldiers for a team
Related Terms:player, water fight
Term:refill station
Definition:place where water guns can be filled
Related Terms:base
Definition:a modification to strengthen the internals of a water gun
Definition:the state of being dependable
Term:relief valve
Definition:a valve inside stock soakers which releases extra pressure to avoid overpumping the gun
Related Terms:overpumping, relief valve disabling
Term:relief valve disabling (RVD)
Definition:a modification which disables a stock soaker's relief valve to allow overpumping
Synonyms:check valve freeze, pressure relief valve disabling, relief valve removal
Related Terms:modification, overpumping, relief valve
Definition:substitution of one part for another
Definition:a tank which holds water
Synonyms:tank, water tank
Related Terms:backpack reservoir, pressurized reservoir
Term:reservoir cap
Definition:the cap which seals the reservoir closed
Related Terms:reservoir, pressurized reservoir
Term:reservour capacity
Definition:the maximum volume of water a reservoir can hold
Synonyms:water capacity
Related Terms:reservoir
Definition:falling back during a battle
Term:riot blast
Definition:a shot without a nozzle resulting in the maximum output possible
Related Terms:nozzle
Term:rubber bladder
Definition:the pressure chamber in a constant pressure system water gun
Related Terms:constant pressure system, cylindrical CPS, latex rubber tubing, spherical CPS
Definition:the thickness or relative pressure rating of a pipe
Related Terms:cellular-core pipe, drainage pipe, pipe, pressure rating
Term:schrader valve
Definition:a common input valve, commonly used in car and bike tires
Related Terms:valve
Definition:the act of retrieving information during a battle; the act of reconnaissance
Definition:a mesh screen in the nozzle which helps keep the stream together
Term:separate air chamber
Definition:a pressure chamber system in which water in pumped into a pressure chamber, compressing the air already inside the chamber
Synonyms:separate compression tank
Definition:a board which blocks streams from hitting the wearer
Related Terms:cover
Definition:the act of using a water gun
Synonyms:hosing, spraying
Term:shot time
Definition:the length of time required to empty a fully loaded pressure chamber
Synonyms:shot duration
Term:shots per tank
Definition:the number of full pressure chambers that can be emptied without refilling the reservoir
Term:shower blast
Definition:a nozzle with many holes for the water to flow through
Definition:a short engagement during a water fight
Related Terms:water fight
Definition:long range shooting
Term:soaker enthusiast
Definition:a person who enjoys water warfare
Definition:the community of soaker enthusiasts
Term:SoakerTag (ST)
Definition:Hasbro's 2004 Super Super line featuring tags which dissolve when hit by water
Term:SoakerTag Elite (STE)
Definition:Hasbro's 2005 Super Super line featuring tags which dissolve when hit by water
Definition:an all-out water fight in which everyone should be drenched
Synonyms:free-for-all, total soakage
Term:solenoid sprinkler valve
Definition:a valve used in sprinkler systems that is activated by an electric solenoid
Synonyms:solenoid valve, sprinkler valve
Related Terms:valve
Term:solvent welding
Definition:using chemicals to bond PVC pipes together
Related Terms:PVC cement, PVC primer
Definition:the rate at which an objects moves regardless of direction
Related Terms:area, output, velocity
Term:spherical CPS
Definition:use of a spherical rubber bladder to contain and pressurize water
Synonyms:spheroid CPS
Related Terms:constant pressure system, cylindrical CPS
Definition:a person who is drenched easily
Definition:an elastic coil
Related Terms:compression spring, expansion spring
Term:spring check valve
Definition:a check valve that closes using springs
Related Terms:check valve, swing check valve
Term:spring piston gun
Definition:a piston pumper that uses springs inside of manual labor
Related Terms:piston pumper, spring
Definition:data related to a water gun's performance
Related Terms:output, range, shot time
Term:steel pipe
Definition:pipe made from steel
Related Terms:pipe
Term:stock gun
Definition:a water gun built by a manufacturer
Synonyms:manufactured gun, manufactured water gun, stock water gun
Related Terms:manufacturer, water gun
Definition:a company which built water guns that light up
Synonyms:Storm gun
Related Terms:manufacturer
Definition:a flexible strip that allows an object to be carried easily
Definition:a plan in a water fight
Related Terms:tactics
Definition:an arch of water
Related Terms:laminar flow
Term:Stream Machine
Definition:a brand of piston pumper water guns
Definition:the path that a particle flows without turbulence
Related Terms:laminar flow, linear flow
Term:Super Charger (SC)
Definition:a line of Super Soakers that use quick-fill devices
Related Terms:quick-fill device
Term:Super Soaker (SS)
Definition:a popular brand of water guns made first by Larami and later by Hasbro
Related Terms:water gun
Definition:a unexpected act
Related Terms:tactic
Definition:the act of yielding to the power of another
Definition:the act of shooting a stream over a wide area
Term:swing check valve
Definition:a check valve that closes using gravity and pressure
Related Terms:check valve, spring check valve
Definition:a method of fighting a water fight
Related Terms:strategy
Term:tap shot
Definition:a short burst designed to conserve water
Related Terms:pulse shot
Definition:the intended recipient of a stream
Definition:a group of water warriors
Related Terms:player, water fight
Definition:a piece of pipe that connects 3 pipes together
Term:teflon tape
Definition:tape which seals threaded pipe together
Term:threaded pipe
Definition:pipe that can be threaded together as opposed to welded
Related Terms:pipe nipple, teflon tape, unthreaded pipe
Term:tracked pump
Definition:a pump that limits its motion to only horizontal motion
Related Terms:non-tracked pump, pump
Definition:the actuator of a firing valve
Related Terms:trigger guard, trigger system
Term:trigger guard
Definition:a loop around the trigger to prevent accidental discharge
Related Terms:trigger
Term:trigger pull
Definition:the force needed to pull the trigger
Related Terms:trigger
Term:trigger system
Definition:a mechanism which allows the pull of the trigger to open the firing valve
Synonyms:trigger mechanism
Related Terms:trigger
Definition:flexible piping
Related Terms:vinyl tubing, inner diameter, latex rubber tubing, outer diameter, pipe, tubing barb
Term:tubing barb
Definition:a connection for tubing
Related Terms:latex rubber tubing, tubing
Term:tubing clamp
Definition:a device which seals a piece of tubing onto a barb
Synonyms:jubilee clip
Related Terms:tubing barb
Definition:wild, rough flow
Synonyms:turbulent flow
Related Terms:laminar flow, linear flow
Term:two-stroke pump
Definition:a pump which pumps on both the out-going and in-going strokes
Related Terms:pump
Term:unthreaded pipe
Definition:pipe without threads on each end
Synonyms:non-threaded pipe, socket-weld, socket weld, socket-weld
Related Terms:threaded pipe
Definition:a device which controls flow
Related Terms:ball valve, check valve, firing valve, homemade valve, Max-D valve, pinch valve, pull valve, relief valve, schrader valve, solenoid sprinkler valve
Definition:the rate of change of position
Related Terms:output, speed
Definition:the ability to be used in many circumstances
Related Terms:practicality
Definition:a person with much experience fighting water wars
Definition:success over an enemy in battle
Term:vinyl tubing
Definition:tubing made from vinyl
Related Terms:tubing, tubing barb
Definition:a fluid's resistance to deformation under sheer stress; a fluid's "thickness"
Related Terms:additives, glycerin
Definition:a measure of the occupation of space
Related Terms:density, mass, weight
Definition:a liquid that covers two thirds of the Earth
Related Terms:water gun
Term:water balloon
Definition:a balloon filled with water
Synonyms:water grenade
Related Terms:water balloon launcher
Term:water balloon launcher (WBL)
Definition:a pneumatic launcher that fires water balloons at great speed
Related Terms:launcher, water balloon
Term:water cannon
Definition:a large, powerful water gun
Related Terms:water gun
Term:water fight
Definition:a battle involving water guns
Synonyms:battle, war, water battle, water war
Term:water gun
Definition:a device that shoots water
Synonyms:blaster, soaker, squirt gun, squirt pistol, water blaster, water pistol, water weapon, water weaponry
Related Terms:homemade water gun, modified water gun, stock gun
Term:water warfare
Definition:the concept of using water guns
Synonyms:warfare, water gunning
Term:Water Warriors (WW)
Definition:the line of water guns by Buzz Bee Toys
Related Terms:Buzz Bee Toys
Definition:the force created by gravity
Related Terms:density, mass
Term:weight empty
Definition:the weight of a water gun when empty
Related Terms:weight
Term:weigth full
Definition:the weight of a water gun when the reservoir is full
Related Terms:weight
Definition:a measure of the energy transfered by a force
Related Terms:force
Term:Xtra Power (XP)
Definition:a line of Super Soakers that improve on the original Classic Series